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Defecrator / Ritual Genocide – Anti-Human Deathcult / Death Exalted [Split]

defecrator / ritual genocide – anti-human deathcult / death exalted [split]

Defecrator belch out three eviscerating tracks of ripping Black/Death Metal that’s rife with malice and darkness, yielding no quarter nor mercy for any wimps in its wake. By the sounds of things, Defecrator definitely don’t fuck around. These songs balance the bridge between Black and Death Metal perfectly without fully committing to either side. The band doesn’t display a high level of virtuosity, but they perform their craft well. All instruments blend in seamlessly with eachother and the strong production irrefutably helps the guitars emit a thick-as-tar, dismal tone dark enough to cast a shadow over your soul forever.

Ritual Genocide gives us three noxious tracks of visceral war metal not too dissimilar from what bands like Revenge and Diocletian are doing, but deliver their craft with zeal and fervour. These songs see an increased level of intensity compared to the previous EP, with solid craftmanship and a tighter performance all-around, especially the drummer, who is all over the place. The vocals run the gamut of sounds from piercing screams to animal-like grunts and should no doubt give any church-attending old lady a heart-attack. I think the best description would be to envision a possessed dish-washer. So there you go folks. A solid split worthy of your time if you like raw, extreme Black/Death Metal that sounds like the impending apocalypse. (Mongrel)