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Death Breath – The Old Hag [EP]

death breath – the old hag [ep]


When Death Breath first emerged with their eponymous 2006 released 7” EP, it marked the grand return of the ultimate Swedish Death Metal legend, Nicke Andersson, who, after leaving Entombed back in 1997 went on to become a Rock ‘n Roll star with bands like Hellacopters and even MC5. Apparently Andersson’ love for Death Metal was not dead after all, as Death Breath not only marked his return to the genre but also proved to be a refreshing take of the tried-and-tested Swedish Death Metal formula.

Through two EP’s and one full-length album we got to know the band as a bit more straight forward and upbeat Death Metal band that indeed sounds Swedish, but not as much as in that typical Entombed, Dismember, Grave and Unleashed way. On this new 7” EP, released through the American Electric Assault Records somewhere at the end of the summer of 2022, the band simply continues that path, even if the band went on a whopping 15 year hiatus after their ‘Let It Stink’ 10” EP.

The predominantly fast and rocking pace is again the most remarkable ingredient. While it never gets into real blast beat it does have a certain old style Grindcore feel to it. This is extra enhanced with the guest appearance of Scott Carlson of Relpulsion fame. That punky upbeat of Repulsion definitely echoes through the music of Death Breath, as it ever did. The great Rock ‘n Roll sort of guitars leads are also echoing Andersson’s love for that late 60’s and 70’s Sleazy Rock music. Together it blends into something that again sounds almost flawless and overall very tasty.

But I really need to get something off my chest. Everyone who is into buying vinyl records has noticed that the prices of vinyl went through the roof these days, spending up to €40 for a double LP is no exception anymore. Prices of 7” EP’s are going up equally as hard, while they would sell for about €6 a few years ago, some of them are doubled. But the price for this one Death Breath 7” EP is outrageously high, I have seen them around for up to €25, which is simply retarded. That has nothing to do with the higher prices at the pressing plants, that is just taking advantage of the opportunity. That’s just simply taking money out of someone’s pocket. And keep in mind that there still enough are labels, bigger ones included, who are able to sell their albums for under €20.

Having said that, the music on ‘The Old Hag’ is simply great again, so if you are able to grab a copy for a reasonable price it is definitely worth the shot. If you only see it around for such ridiculous prices, you’d better stick to the Spotify tracks.

Death Breath

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