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Brahdr’uhz – Land of Darkness

brahdr’uhz – land of darkness

What a rush this was. While writing this review it was 30 degrees outside. The title of this album is “Land of darkness” done by Swiss Brahdr’uhz. Writing about a record that deal with darkness while the sun is blazing is an extra challenge for me. Released this year (2018) but breathing the atmosphere of the 90ies through and through, makes it completely up my alley. The whole package, not just the music, but also the grimm art-work.

The first thing I noticed is that is impossible to tell what the lyrics are about which only adds to the mystery. A mysterious and occult atmosphere is created really taking the listener away to a land of darkness and coldness, I guess. Atmospheric Black metal with the necessary rawness, therefore staying true to the true Black metal feel.  For example the song “Stalgrada” gives a bit of a Darkthrone feeling while another song like “Yementis” has a more dissonant ring to it. This gives a nice variation between the songs.

This full-length is well produced but it is quite long. A bit too much for my taste and that might break me so to say. All and all very decent Black metal release. Maybe not the most original but very much bringing that rawness to those who crave it. (RuudN)