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Black Hurst – Black Hurst [Demo]

black hurst – black hurst [demo]


This eponymous demo tape is the first offering of the New York, USA based Black Hurst. The band profiles itself with a term of ‘Pagan Black Metal Mysticism’ and with this demo tape being released on a label with the name ‘Into The Pentagram’, expectations are high.

The almost 18 minutes and three tracks serve you with a well-balanced mix of almost everything that made late 80’s and early 90’s Black Metal so attractive. It comes complete with a full analogue sound that is so far removed from that big wall of sound that would later be popularized, a shrill guitar tone, a raspy vocal delivery but, above all, very tasteful use of keyboards. Black Hurst is best compared with Belgian Black Metal gem Forbidden Temple, but without the dense and intense sound. But it still reminds of old Samael, Mortuary Drape, Varathron and the occasional ‘clean’ vocal attempt brings some Bathory to mind as well.

Although not quite of the level of such acts as Forbidden Temple or Perverted Ceremony, Black Hurst definitely has something to offer for those who are interested in yesteryear’s Black Metal: honest and pure. Definitely recommended. (FelixS)

— — —

Black Hurst is a Black Metal band from New York City, that released their first demo back in January. Their sound is an interesting one. Not straightforward Black Metal, not Doom Metal, not Traditional Heavy Metal… but a well-balanced synergy of genres. Hey! My review, my thoughts! The thing is: I cannot label them Black Metal as I hear more than just Black Metal in their music, and maybe that is what makes them so interesting.

3 tracks in under 18-minutes, and you just let it loop, loop, loop. It is dynamic and refreshing, especially in a week where I am having these Manilla Road / Cirith Ungol moments. Wait! I did not say they sound like the previously mentioned bands, but I have that feeling, at times, that the music strays to uncharted territories, and I like it. Their music is epic and majestic to the point where we almost feel as part of this massive medieval battle, axe in hand, engaging in mortal combat with foreign invaders! All very… fantastic. Black Hurst’s music is dynamic, as mentioned before, and it jumps from A to B with ease, leaving no trace of pieces that do not fit. Quite the opposite: all the pieces fit, and the puzzle is amazing.

Not much is there to say, honestly. Black Hurst has put forth a demo that left me wanting more, expecting more, curious to hear what might come next, and surprised by this mixture of sounds. The USBM has shown signs of a newly reinvented sound, and bands WORM, for example, have crafted a sound that resembles almost nothing and everything. Black Hurst, although different, follows the exact same path: being different, being singular. (Daniel Utopia Platafórmica)

Black Hurst

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