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Witchmoon – Imprecation Of Unbeing

witchmoon – imprecation of unbeing

Black Metal has, in the last decade or so, stripped itself of every single useless element, and focused more on atmosphere and feeling, than reaching that perfect production. This, in my modest opinion – keep in mind that I do not play an instrument – gives the Music a certain something, and considering this is Black Metal we are talking about, I would say Aura. Yes, it does give the Music that aura that was long-lost.

Black Metal has never been “just” a musical genre. It has always been a spiritual/philosophical way of looking at Life, to which Music is used to act like a vehicle of propagation. Yes, this might sound as a cliché, but there is no other genre that portraits Man’s darker side, the way Black Metal does.

Lampshade Tapes, from the USA, is one of those labels that, from past experience, only delivers top-notch Black Metal. Like Perverse Homage, Signal Rex (always cheering for the Portuguese) and a few more, L.T. has been releasing names that carry that flame that I cherish so much. I remember commenting with a friend something similar to “this is Black Metal you need to immerse yourself into in order to capture the melody/atmosphere that lays behind that enormous wall of distortion and awful production. But, once you are able to grasp just a single bit of it, you will be forever delighted with what was shown to you. And you follow down that path, of Coldness and Depression”. Well… it was not as poetic/romantic as this, but you understand: it is not easy to engage yourself in such musical art, but the moment you spot it, almost everything else becomes irrelevant.

And Witchmoon, where does he stand?! They stand exactly at the other end of the tunnel. The tunnel you must enter, in order to reach Darkness and Misery. At its core, it is Raw Black Metal, without a doubt – and if you are reading this, you are completely aware of such – and it holds that “buried” melody I was just talking about. This release?! Remarkable. “Unbeing”, for instance, is a 9-minute journey through distortion and, again, hidden melodies. All you need to do is dig, deeper and deeper, and you shall find it. (DanielP)