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Satans Mördör – Into The Cold Eternity… [Demo]

satans mördör – into the cold eternity… [demo]


‘Into The Cold Eternity…’ was initially a digital self-released demo that appeared in December 2023, but since its impeccable quality it really needed a physical release as well. The US-based Mamzer Records label was keen enough to sign up for it, so it will appear on cassette tape somewhere in the upcoming year too. Definitely a good choice by Mamzer Records, as ‘Into The Cold Eternity…’ indeed is an absolute gem of an underground Black Metal demo.

Although nothing is known about Satans Mördör, at the time of writing not even a submission into the Metal-Archives was made, my wild guess is that this is an American band. But that guess is not based on the music on display on this first offering, in fact it the music has a very distinct European sound. A Scandinavian sound to be even more precise, the quick tremolo melodies and the overall atmosphere breathe a thorough recognizable Northern European vibe. A band like Burzum for instance is never too far away, but where most bands tend to lean on Burzum’s first albums, ‘Into The Cold Eternity…’ shows resemblances with Burzum’s second Black Metal coming. Both in the tremolo picking as for instance the dragging pace at the start of ‘Hopeless Eyes’ the music feels strongly tied to ‘Belus’ and ‘Fallen’. Yet, the band does add quite a rough edge to the music to not make sound too much of a copycat sort of happening, that crude nature of the music is best heard in the at times crunchy production as well as the guitar sound. It might not be much of a coincidence that with ‘Sons Of The Blood Angel’ they pay homage to the US cult of Von.

‘Into The Cold Eternity…’ is definitely an interesting demo from a very promising new band. Satans Mördör certainly proved themselves a band to keep an eye on and for those who might be interested in picking up a demo tape from Mamzer Records, I suggest to not blink on it when you see it surface.

Satans Mördör

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