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Obscene Evisceration – Despotism of Lust and Death [EP]

obscene evisceration – despotism of lust and death [ep]


As a frequent user of social networks, I noticed a lot of people constantly complain of living an unorganized life, not being capable of getting themselves into order etc., yet, when you give them advice on how to handle things or try to help them, they are way to proud / lazy / ignorant to at least consider it or think about it. Admit it, we all need a decent kick in the ass to get something done with certain elements of our lives. This album certainly gave me the impression of someone kicking my rear to get me to move.

Greece has given us some serious underground legends in the past couple of decades and they are about to do it again. Obscene Evisceration are a band from the continental Greece who have, after getting signed to Cyclopean Eye productions early this year, just released their first EP ‘Despotism of Lust and Death’, first long(er) release after the demos issued in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

Without any protruding, we’re thrown into the opener ‘Repulsive Blatancy’, which sets the pace for the rest of the record. No intro, no easier start, just suffocating and bludgeoning death metal, making sure the listener understand they mean business. Throughout the record they occasionally slow down just enough for a listener to catch a breather, but not for long, as they immediately return, even more vicious than before. While this album flows and if there were no breaks between the songs, some could mistake it for one, just over 21 minutes long, track. It doesn’t mean that is homogenous or boring, it’s that well done. We’re guided through it by combination of guttural and cavernous vocals, maniacal drumming and guitar work even the old school death metal legends (in the vein of Embrace of Thorns and even early Incantation) would be proud of. Definitely not for the faint of heart. (Black Mary)

Obscene Evisceration

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