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Nigrum Tenebris – I Am The Serpent

nigrum tenebris – i am the serpent


Nigrum Tenebris comes from the rich Black Metal underground scene of the city of Kassel, over the past two decades this German city has produced many a good band. In the wake of bands like Ulfsdalir, Ewiges Reich, Malefica, Todesweihe and Mysteria Mystica Aeterna, this relatively new band also operates. This German Black Metal duo released their debut album, ‘I Am The Serpent’, by the end of 2021. Although it is a little older by now, it is an album that is very much worth your attention. In the meantime Nigrum Tenebris expanded to a full band of four musicians and should be ready for a follow-up to this first record.

With a sound that is nearing the sharp and at the same time crunchy guitar sound of the Finnish Black Metal scene, the duo of Nigrum Tenebris brings something that feels kind of familiar, yet is distinctly different from their Finnish contemporaries. It lacks the melodicism that a lot of Finnish bands typify as well as the brutality of a band like (later) Behexen. Yet it does have the same sort of intricate song writing of a band like Horna, but it also throws in a bit of repetitiveness and monotony of modern day Black Metal. The band might not yet be able to pull off the ingenuity of most of those Finnish Black Metal bands and they might not have reached the level of, let’s say, Terratur Possessions or Norma Evangelium Diaboli recording artists, but the duo definitely have all the elements in their hands. For the most part, it seems to be a matter of letting everything crystallize and blossom, maybe the addition of the two new musicians can help the band to push everything further into the aimed direction. But, apart from things not reaching its full potential yet, ‘I Am The Serpent’ is a decent debut album that is definitely worth checking out.

Nigrum Tenebris

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