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Necrodeath – 100% Hell

necrodeath – 100% hell


This Italian band will certainly ring a bell to old school metallers as they have been a part of a very lively underground scene in the eighties. Having their roots in 1984’s demo band Ghostrider they soon changed their name into Necrodeath and released a couple of cultish albums that are highly collectible these days. Yet, the band called its quits only four years later in 1989 only to reunite about a decade later in 1998. The line-up got refueled and Flegias (drums for Cadaveria and ex-Opera IX) and John (Cadaveria, DyNAbyte and Raza de Odio) joined the band as respectively vocalist and bassist.

A new start for a band that haven’t been around or about a decade with such a cultish name can be rather difficult, and the first of a series of new releases weren’t received undivided. But this last album, “100% Hell”, is definitely here to leave an impression. Not all of the material is equally solid, take a song like “Identity Crisis” is a bit of an unnecessary filler that doesn’t fit into the rest of the album with its heavily orchestrated content and some kind of ‘phone call’ sample that reminds of Megadeth’s “1000 Times Goodbye”. But on the other hand there is a song like “Warpaint” that can easily be put alongside the best thrash songs released this year (alongside the latest Bewitched album for instance). This song mixes the best of the old school German thrash legacy, which means it has a nice blend of Destruction and Sodom, the furiousness of early Destruction and the utter bluntness of mid-period to later Sodom (like they have been showing on albums like “Code Red” and “M16”. All in all the ‘blackish’ side of Necrodeath has been almost disbanded and they clearly have been emphasizing the thrash part of the band which also means they have eliminated the death metal part except for a single riff here and there. But this change was really for the better and if they continue with this change I’m sure that they can leave out the fillers and come up with a brilliant thrash album in the future. My expectations are high!