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Mörghuul – Possessed by Demo [Demo]

mörghuul – possessed by demo [demo]


It was a cold winter morning when I was searching on bandcamp for some new music. All of a sudden a black and white cover with a devil with wings appeared, which always catches my attention. Mörghuul with ‘Possessed by Demo’! I mean “by Demo” sounds kind of childish, but make more sense in context with cover, don’t worry.
Mörghuul is a project of 4 young musicians with previous experience in the Black Metal and Thrash Metal bands Sezarbil and Refore.  The band already digitally released the single ‘Justice by the Fire’ and the 3 song EP ‘The Beginning of Unholy Ride’. But as the description on bandcamp says, this demo “introduces a new image and direction of the band”, so we will not consider earlier creations. ‘Possessed by Demo’ is also the first music from the band that was physically released by Tapes of Terror Records on limited cassette tape edition.

Considering the very young age of the musicians this demo surprised me with a very Old School direction and sound. In times when all new music sounds the same as everybody is trying to find evidently the same “perfection” in raw sound with the smell of the 80s, this is a very nice change. The slower mid tempo instrumental intro will try to prepare you for the ride of 3 songs that leaves you very little space to take a breath. The music is definitely dedicated to fans of early Thrash and Speed metal with a light smell of punk, or for fans of later bands like Midnight or Abigail (Jap). Personally I hear lot of early fast Bathory with the ferocity and determination of early Destruction or Whiplash. Unfortunately, the vocals are sometimes a bit too much in the background, but are swimming between raw scream, to high pitched notes to barks which makes this demo even more interesting.

The lyrics contain all time-tested themes like sex with witches, gods of inferno, virgins kissing with goats etc. so all the themes Old School metalheads enjoy and are used to. After the first listening to this demo, the whole planet will appear to be too slow, so you will definitely come back to it again.

The band already announced their appearance on several shows including Obscene Extreme 2023. We will definitely hear about them more as they started pretty strong with this demo. But till that time check out their music and get Possessed by Mörghuul!


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