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Mefitis – Offscourings

mefitis – offscourings


“Offscourings” by US-based duo Mefitis is a more experimental follow up after their splendid and debut full-length “Emberdawn”. While “Emberdawn” focuses primarily on Scandinavian Death/Black Metal with a heavy blend of bands such as The Chasm and early Septic Flesh, “Offscourings” follows the same lineage to some degree and leans more towards an unorthodox and unique style of songwriting that gives the band an even more distinct identity.

Speaking of the band’s identity, Mefitis entitles themselves as a Dark Metal act. In an interview with VM-Underground, the band described such style of music as “Dark Metal should take the most compelling elements of Black, Death, and Doom metal—and purge the tropes”. And this concept of “Dark” Metal was applied so brilliantly as if the record was intended to evoke nocturnal imageries.

Carrying out a virtuosic project like Offscourings requires courage along with sheer talent, and the talent of the band is fiercely evident in the manner which they played each of the songs. The songwriting focuses on creating a Stygian atmosphere that is magnificently carried out through great efforts. With the drumming being very dynamic and precise, it complements the mystifying interaction of the guitars that shed sinister symphonies from start to finish. It is one of the many remarkable aspects of Mefitis that the band has no shortage of decent riffs, which is something they are maintaining since the first release.

At times, namely in the songs “Meridian Artefact” and “Sonstead Blight”, the basslines are perplexing which altogether craft an eerie atmosphere. There are some trance-inducing keyboard elements layered within which enhance the overall dismal and gloomy resonance. Momentary bits of the album have their guitarworks rooted in the origins of Norwegian Black Metal that carry the essence of Burzum and Emperor. The compelling varieties in their composition are just endless, and the band is capable of aptly accommodating all of them to make every detail sound so coherent. Enjoying them requires a thorough listen with in-depth observation of each of the songs, and with every re-listen, they unravel an uncannier vibe.

The key takeaway is that “Offscourings” is a record that is beyond phenomenal, and it’s an album that is notable enough to mark a long-lasting impression. It’s also an album that is like a novel themed on sorcery, with each song being its chapters, carried out in the form of Dark Metal. (Osmani)

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