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Hadak Ura – Honfoglalás

hadak ura – honfoglalás


Hadak Ura, a one-man band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, which, before today, wasn’t featured on our VM-Underground pages but together with the more recent split release with Kalmankantaja and this latest full-length album the band’s discography counts no less than 20 releases. Koppany Geczy, the man behind this act, has kept a steady working pace after the inception of his brainchild in 2015. With this latest full-length offering, only released on vinyl, he gives us another piece of folk induced Black Metal.

While Koppany Geczy resides in the USA, he is most likely from Hungary or at least has Hungarian roots. Not only is Hadak Ura Hungarian for “War Lords” and the title of this album translates to “Conquest”, he also seems to dive into Hungarian history and folklore. Although the topic doesn’t seem to have found its way into ‘Honfoglalás’, it does carry the same sort of proud Paganism. The strong riffs and fiery melodies do blend beautifully with the Ambient and Folk parts that are interpreted by enchanting guitar strumming, good use of keyboards and field recorded nature sounds. This combination makes the album feel like an organic whole and honours its musical intentions – which, incidentally, the beautiful artwork also fully reflects. It could normally be argued that interrupting Black Metal so regularly would take the momentum out of the album and rob the listener of focus, but in this particular case, one enhances the other. The layering and different elements in the music take you on a journey through the musical mind of Geczy, who expresses himself creatively but nowhere really gets all too wild and crazy, delivering a beautiful and understated piece of work. This third Hadak Ura album is definitely recommended to anyone who loves their Black Metal so expertly laced with many atmospheric elements and is so close to nature that you become part of the music yourself.

Hadak Ura

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