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Genocidal Rites – Eternal Samhain [EP]

genocidal rites – eternal samhain [ep]


Last year I reviewed ‘Exsanguination Of The Gods’, a tape-only release by Genocidal Rites. It was a short but sweet EP, presented by Hells Headbangers Records, offering a nice fix of Bestial Black/Death Metal in the authentic fashion of the early 90’s. Now the Ohio/Michigan, USA based band returns with yet another EP, a little bit longer but with an obvious similar musical approach. So, yet another EP (third in a row) for the ones who are not too faint of heart.

Just like their previous work, ‘Eternal Samhain’ (obviously released on October 31st) offers the listener an unadulterated portion of unpolished and savage sounding Black/Death Metal. In these 13+ minutes we are not being served with anything that can remotely be labelled as new or genre-redefining. On the contrary I would say, yet instead the band take an authentic and meticulous approach to the genre. It clearly is a kind nod to the giants of the genre, Blasphemy, Von and Black Witchery. But still, just like the previous recordings, ‘Eternal Samhain’ sounds closest to the rawer side of Proclamation, having a slightly heavier Death Metal vibe to it compared to those North American bands. Within the rather tight frame work of this niche genre, Genocidal Rites found themselves a way to get something of a more or less own identity in which the slower, almost Doom Metal-like tempos have quite a prominent part. With each release the band is finding a more balanced sound in all these trademark elements, making ‘Eternal Samhain’ the Genocidal Rites’ best and most convincing release so far.

With the release of the previous EP a new album also to be released through Hells Headbangers was announced, but as for now nothing concrete is in sight. Luckily, for those who will never have enough of the Bestial Black/Death Metal genre (or War Metal, if you’d prefer), there at least is this new EP to indulge.

Genocidal Rites

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