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Fiat Nox – Demanifestation (Hymns Of Destruction And Nothingness) [EP]

fiat nox – demanifestation (hymns of destruction and nothingness) [ep]


Fiat Nox is a Black Metal group from Germany that has been around since 2014 (originally under Aszendent) before releasing their debut full length back in 2021. After a quick follow up EP the four piece have released their latest EP recently entitled ‘Demanifestation…’ on Crawling Chaos records. Like their debut, it is chaotic and epic and dissonant, but not quite Blut Aus Nord dissonant. Shrouded in mystery with the band members under surnames, the music is more of a mix of Dark Funeral meets Deathspell Omega, with touches of Schammasch. One thing that Fiat Nox does very well is one moment the music will be typical Black Metal, and then one will get a feel of more Death Doom, and then the more esoteric atmospheric Black Metal with a bit more melody and groove. Almost all the members share some part of the vocal duties, so that is probably the highlight of the album, from the shrieks to the growls to the chants and spoken word sections, making the listen a bit more than the average Dark Funeral or Khold listen. The track lengths are long, so those not used to epic songs might find it a bit hard to stomach as some tracks like ‘Enshrouded Gateway’ have a bit of repetitive sections, but those who listen to the likes of Deathspell Omega will greatly appreciate Fiat Nox’s ability to stretch a song out in a cohesive manner. Drumming is pretty standard throughout the album save for the last track, which has a bit of that Marduk militant march tone to it and stands out from the others. Ultimately, ‘Demanifestation…’ is very short (only 3 tracks) but worth looking into for someone just getting into the group or getting into ‘Epic Doom Black Metal’ as the small dose might be enough to let them know how much they enjoy it.

Fiat Nox

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