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Beculted – Arcane Manifestations [EP]

beculted – arcane manifestations [ep]


‘Geborgenheit’ is a one track EP that is as foreboding and dark, as it is cautious and secretive. Beculted, A Blackened Doom quintet from the German city of Darmstadt, are the band behind this gruelling, poisonous little EP, and then later on in the year opened their second EP ‘Arcane Manifestations’ with the track. Opening track ‘Geborgenheit’ goes through phases; phase one sees Beculted build into the track slowly through sparse use of drum and bass tone, along with viciously dark and harrowing vocal barks. Phase two sees the band expand their sound to include faster, flowing guitar rhythms, an increase in drumming power and more visceral growling vocals. Phase three is slower, crushing Doom Metal that uses monolithic, bleak riffs to chug their way forward before settling in for a bout of steady, albeit grim sounding Black Metal. ‘Geborgenheit’ is above all else a nocturnal sounding slab of methodical heaviness, and the seamless variations in style that keep morphing and oscillating backwards and forth are deeply impressive.

Sporting more groove in the rhythm guitar, and a faster, more punishing Black Metal sound, ‘Caustic Marrow’ is another agreeable song on the ears, but with malicious intent behind the passive aggressive lyrics that speak to a horror being inflicted on those who, through their actions and deeds, bring said horror on themselves. Just when Beculted seem to have shown all their tricks, a crushing display of Death/Doom savagery kicks in, as the band utilize heavy handed mountainous drums and bleak, chugging riffs to great effect. The middle section of this song especially is a rigid display in gruelling, torturous rhythm, but then opens into a mixture of deeply catchy riffs and sublimely aggressive blast beats. ‘Caustic Marrow’ is my favourite track from this EP.

The EP ends with a sixteen minute long epic entitled ‘Ardor’ which starts off with a brooding calmness about its sound before rising slowly to crescendo and then forging its way on a lengthy and wandering journey of sights and sounds that Beculted have already offered up. I’m unsure how this is classed as an EP in truth. Yes, it consists of three songs but is still longer than many albums of note. This matters not though really, as the oppressive mood and superb creativity and musicianship throughout makes any petty little arguments superfluous.


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