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Dwellers Of The Twilight Void – Demo 1 [Demo]

dwellers of the twilight void – demo 1 [demo]


This three-pieces Death Metal act from Tampa, Florida is presenting their first demo to the world, which you might’ve guessed by the title of this three-tracker. But when listening these songs, it doesn’t sound like they are a new act, at all.

Though the sound is rather raw and primitive, the music is most definitely none of that. Being from Tampa might be of a certain influence, since this breathes Morbid Angel from start to finish. The ingenious riffing and otherworldly screaming Azagthothian solos are impressive, to say the least. The latter come from Evan Dawson who already impressed me with his work on the somewhat chess-themed ‘Man In Zugzwang’ 7” EP that he recently released with Torturer’s Lobby. His use of whammy bar soloing is really stunning and will appeal to anyone who loves that Morbid Angel-kind of wizardry. But, it is not a total Morbid Angel worship though, it does have a lot of its own to offer. Though the drums might also reflect a little of their famous fellow citizens, vocally they have a much rawer edge and with a more screaming punk-like approach than the much more common grunts. The same goes for the production, that is really raw and also has that same Punk feel, most definitely not the standard Death Metal production with all emphasis to the low-end of the sonic spectrum. All three songs are clocking in under the three minute mark with the last one not even making it to two minutes, but this actually adds to the sense or urgency in the songs. As if the band tries to completely convince you in the very little time that this demo has given to them. The energy and spontaneity of ‘Demo 1’ is actually more than convincing and my guess who be that Dwellers Of The Twilight Void might soon be ready for a bigger project.

Dwellers Of The Twilight Void

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