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Devouring Humanity – Devouring Humanity

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What have we here? Cover art filled with smoke, guns, and mainly a vivid collection of blood, bones, guts and several other bodily fluids. I admit these are not the most original ingredients, but at least you know straight away what the hell to expect. Ofcourse, a little over a half our of dripping, rotten, gnarly brutal death metal. All this brought to you by Grant and Brian Mohler of Artery Eruption fame. If you are familiar with Artery Eruption, you kinda know why Devouring Humanity sound the way they sound. Devouring Humanity sounds just a little less slam than AE, has a little more pace, which – in my book, at least – makes it all a bit more interesting. Don’t get me wrong, at times Devouring Humanity definitely slams like a motherfucker. Honestly, there are no surprises on the album. Its power lies in the brutality and enthusiasm invested in the music. I certainly do like the way the band alternates between take-no-prisoners hard hitting minute and a half songs like ‘Slams to the Dome’ and ‘Devouring Humanity’, and more diverse, complexer songs like ‘Suffering of Biblical Proportions’ and ‘Brutality Acomplished’. The underground sounding guitars and drums and guttural vocals are somehow hitting the right notes in my brain, and even though I’ve heard stuff like this close to a million times before, I’m really enjoying this one. This is going to enjoy a few more spins this year. (Stijn)