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Decompose To Ashes – In the Eternal Silence [EP]

decompose to ashes – in the eternal silence [ep]


Can you smell it? It smells like the rotting corpse of a black raven with a hint of burning wood. Hmmm, I know that lovely smell…it reminds me of something. Yeah, it reminds me of the smell of a majestic old corpse named ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ by Mayhem. Come on, hurry up! Take your crowbars and let’s open this coffin while it’s still rotting!

Now for real guys. What is the ultimate dream of any musician, who holds the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal on its immortal pedestal? To go on vacation to mighty Norway, rent a flat and in between wandering in wilderness and Black Metal monuments, record your own Black Metal music. Well, that is exactly what a Czech musician with the pseudonymWlad did, and you definitely can feel it from the music of Decompose To Ashes.

Wlad and Leviathan are skilled musicians from the progressive metal band Origin Of Infinity from Děčín, Czech Republic. Wlad took care of recording the guitar parts in Norway and Leviathan recorded the drums parts back home. Now to music itself.

The whole material was mixed by Wlad himself and mastered in Hellsound Studio. The result is filthy, but not lo-fi raw, like when you record music on a broken old cassette recorder. More with the feeling as if instruments were recorded deep in the frozen cave in the middle of snow-covered mountains. And vocals, oh man, those are my favourite. Something between a flock of ravens and a demon dying in the forest. The vocals addhopelessness and a miserable atmosphere to the whole work of art. It reminds me most of M. and his mighty project Lamp Of Murmuur.

After a short beginning, where the guitar is playing the first riff, you dive directly into the uncompromising old school black metal hurricane from the 90s. No orchestral intro, sounds of trees, just straight to the business from the beginning. With changes between fast and medium pace you may hear more melodic parts of the material, but the whole EP is holding its simple, but strong Black Metal face. Yes, on this 4 song EP, you may definitely hear a big influence of old Mayhem, but it is not impoverished with more interesting ideas for sure. While half of the lyrics are antireligious with references to past crimes of the church, the first song deals with the cold eclipse of the sun before icy rain. The song Helvete is dedicated to no other than Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth and his memory. The EP is split in two parts by the less than minute long intermezzo ‘The Eternal Silence’ and ends with a kind of melancholic outro ‘Water, Trees and Animals’.

‘In The Eternal Silence’ is a Wlad´s dream come true and with help of Leviathans label Dead Maggoty Productions, this material was released on the extremely limited vinyl and cassette tape version. So if you are interested, don’t wait and check what version is still available on the projects’ bandcamp.

Decompose To Ashes

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