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Cult Ov Black Blood – Apocalyptic Banner Ov Abaddon

cult ov black blood – apocalyptic banner ov abaddon


Although this band was already founded back in 2015 and released three demos (all compiled on the Total War-released ‘Abhorrence Ov God’ CD) and a split tape before, this Polish duo never gotten onto my radar. And what a pity, as this is the sort of savage brutality I always like to sink my teeth in, but, better late than never I suppose…

Judging from the cover artwork and its classic color scheme it might not be too difficult to guess what you are dealing with. So, yes, this is yet again a good morsel of Black/Death Metal in the vein of the great ones of yesteryear, Cult Ov Black Blood mixes a good portion of Blasphemy and Black Witchery into something that sounds rather punk and reminds of early Sarcófago too. The guitar sound is considerably more shrill and even sounds a little digital compared to the likes of the aforementioned Blasphemy or for instance a band like Proclamation, Conqueror or Archgoat This gives it a little colder feel, pretty much in contrast to the more usual grinding and thundering sound of many of the aforementioned acts. Overall, this gives Cult Ov Black Blood a bit of a unique position, I wouldn’t classify it as being original, but at least the two are exploring a bit of uncharted territories when it comes to the well-trodden and narrow paths of this niche-genre.

That these guys know their game is not only evident from their take on the trademark Bestial Black/Death Metal formula, but by keeping the album as short as 29 minutes they manage to keep it all both effective as well as “fresh”. Contributing to this same feeling is the slight punk attitude that comes with the harsher guitar tone. So, while Cult Ov Black Blood recorded and released three demos before arriving at this debut album, it is safe to say that ‘Apocalyptic Banner Ov Abaddon’ feels like a proper debut album by a band that was definitely up for the task of delivering it.

Cult Ov Black Blood

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