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Borkr – Amber

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The Ukrainian atmospheric black metal scene reached a land that isn’t really common when talking about that specific subgenre; China. Although I’m familiar with some of the black metal bands or one man projects from the Middle Kingdom, for example Be Persecuted (in the Depressive vein) and Screaming Saviour (more bombastic later Dimmu Borgir-like), but I haven’t heard a Chinese band in the vein of Drudkh, Hate Forest and Walknut. To be honest, I really find it hard to name bands who are in the same league and aren’t from Ukraine. If you are a huge fan like me, I can already guarantee you that you will have a blast with Borkr. And although I’m aware that it is quite a statement, I really have a strong gut feeling that “Amber” is a direct hit for everyone who is into this kind of black metal. The opening track “Earthfast” is a great example to strengthen this statement of mine. The repeating riffs and melodies and therefore long compositions (approx. 12 minutes) gives quite a Drukh’s “Estrangement” vibe during the whole album. With the use of all kind of nature samples, the Drudkh stamp is even more visible. To extend the stay in the Nature-Department, Borkr seems to be Old Norse and means bark, which is the outermost layers of trees. And if I’m informed correctly, Drukh means “wood” in Sanskrit, so once again a strong link. The vocals could be more grim or more sorrow-like, but on the other hand mentioning it in this review is more like nagging to a blind guy that he lost his visibility. Totally useless! The man behind Borkr, called Borkr as well, certainly made a fantastic debut and I would like to urge every fan of Ukrainian atomospheric black metal and especially Drudkh and Nokturnal Mortum, to check this one out as fast as you can. (Ricardo)


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