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Apocryphal [USA] – Embrace of Death

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A new band rises from the rotten environment of the US and to be more precise, Phoenix, Arizona. This time it is the Doom / Death Metal of Apocryphal who released their first demo. Being influenced by the likes of Cianide, Thergothon, Incantation and Disembowelment as well as strong ale beer, some of you probably have the imagination that this is putrid and dark as hell. Well, not exactly. Overall the Old School Doom / Death Metal is a bit too simplistic concerning the riffs. This is possible and to be honest, common playing the Doom card of the Death Metal deck, but not every band can keep such riffs interesting. The production is early 1990s like. Also it’s very muddy, but not in the good, sinister and massive way. The fast parts of “Bane of Essence” is a good example of the below average sound, as the riff isn’t audible anymore. As for now, Apocryphal is not close to any of their influences yet. (Ricardo)