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Änterbila – Änterbila

Änterbila – Änterbila


Some labels release whatever band they like regardless of genre, others focus on a music scene from a certain city, and there’s some that are known for a specific sound. When it comes to describing the sound of the label Nordvis Produktion, to me references to Armagedda, Stilla and bands in that vein like Skogen are inevitable. And in that respect, their latest addition Änterbila fits right in.

Formed in 2020, the band released a demo in that same year before starting work on their self-titled debut full-length, which was eventually released in December 2022. And as stated before, their blend of Black Metal fits the bill of Nordvis music perfectly. The music could be described as a more Folk-inspired version of Armagedda, or in extension, as Stilla but without the keyboards. This is not in the least because of the excellent vocals of Agg, which are very reminiscent of Armagedda and Stilla. The production is also similar, with that raw guitar tone, prominent bass and snappy drum sound. What sets Änterbila more apart from both of those fellow Swedish bands is the folky nature of many of the riffs. In a song like ‘1704’ this is the most apparent, although that song also gains a folky character from the clean vocals. But there’s more to ‘Änterbila’, with a track like ‘Södermanland’ having a very distinct old Slayer vibe to the Black Metal riffs. ‘Torparens Dotter’ approaches thing slightly different again, emphasizing more of a mid-tempo Thrash Metal approach with clear Pagan slant and clean backing choirs. And in the shape of ‘Äntergast’ we see a slightly more melody-driven and melancholic side of the band’s music.

While 27 minutes may seem a little bit short, I personally find it just about the right length. While taking a Folk-inspired approach to Stilla’s Black Metal, the music of Änterbila is much more straightforward, and with this length it manages to keep things fresh and interesting while keeping the intensity throughout. A very strong debut, and once again a statement from the quality label that is Nordvis Produktion.


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