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Burial Remains – “This band had one intention, and one intention only: Old School Death Metal”

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Once started as Miasma of Guilt, which should have released a release called “Night of the Dread Spells” late 2017, Burial Remains raised from the ashes of the former. With “Trinity of Deception” they have released an album that was described by us as latter day Dismember with pounding drums and dark yet melodic riffs. Let’s give these guys the opportunity to introduce themselves to you…at first how Miasma of Guilt evolved into Burial Remains.
(Godless & Ricardo)

The beginning started at December of 2016, from January till July 2017 we wrote the album. It didn’t work out and we decided to continue under a different name. We needed a vocalist and Sven already recorded Tormentor for the album. When we were looking for someone who could do the full album it was a logical step for us to ask Sven. Although he always has a busy schedule, he accepted and every contact is still great!

This band had one intention, and one intention only: Old School Death Metal. Equipped with a HM-2, we wrote strong songs that turned out excellent. This is the music that we love and that’s why we play it, simple as that. We guess that the people who like our music, like this genre and we noticed that the support of the OSDM-scene is really strong!

Let’s talk about ““Trinity of Deception”…
The writing went quite smooth, no pressure and lots of fun. Same for recording our instruments. The vocal parts took their time but for obvious reasons. The band grew as a whole and are complementing each other when writing. This is who we are and how we sound and we like that! We recorded the album in our own studio and it’s mixed and mastered by Jonny Petterson. The great cover art is from Mortuus. We found this style and cover very suitable for Burial Remains.

Working in your own studio keeps away the pressure of a recording budget. We had all the time and whenever we wanted to record we just went to our studio and work on the songs for as long as we thought was necessary. We are really satisfied with this way of working and will continue to do so. The reactions are really overwhelming, which is great of course and that gives even more energy in creating new songs.

The tapes and vinyl take their time, so we have to wait and see what happens with that. Nowadays, people – especially the hardcore collectors – want to have more options then just a CD- release. And artwork always comes out better on a LP sleeve.

We all do are part in writing the lyrics. Occult is the inspiration and will always be part of this band. Although we don’t necessarily have to have lyrics where everybody completely understands what it’s all about, we do feel like this subject and style is best fitting for Burial Remains. The vocal style is at least as important as the lyrics.

You’ve covered Kreator’s “Tormentor”, were there other songs on the list as well or you decided right away…it has to be “Tormentor”?
We have enough on our list but this was a great opportunity to show that we like some fast thrash metal! You can never go wrong with old Kreator I guess.

About the guitar tone..is it a HM2 or clone/kemper profile? Because the tone is obviously there but there’s an audibility to the guitars mid-ranges. If it is a HM2 what is your rig? (Because it sounds killer!!)
It’s a HM2! But yeah in the studio you always use EQ and stuff to make it the best sound for the job, so maybe it differs a bit from what other bands sound like. It’s not something that matters to us, it’s just a tool to make the music sound as brutal as possible. In a live situation we will use a clone pedal, the SDM from JD Music Labs, but I have to say it’s sounds totally the same as the original thing.

Why have you decided to record a debut full-length right away, without releasing a demo or EP first?
We just recorded these six songs and a covertune without knowing how we were going to release it. So it just turned out like this.

And what about your label; Transcending Obscurity Records?
We approached a couple labels and from all the offers at that time, this one seemed to be the best. Since then a lot of merchandise has been released although the delay of releasing it had a lot of people worried.  When it comes to future releases, we will see what happens on that front.

The future of Burial Remains…
World domination.

No, just doing what we like. We don’t have to be the biggest band in the world and don’t have to play in every fucking town. As long as we are having fun recording, playing and performing the music we like, you will hear from us.

We already proceeded to write the next album. The release of Trinity Of Deception took some time so we decided to remain busy and write new material. The next album will still contain the ingredients of fast single notes, slow parts and heavy chords. On the other side, we feel that a full length should be a little bit more versatile so you can find more dynamic parts and songs. But we don’t make this kind of music to be original, but just try to come up with fresh songs in the same style.

Are there any bands or albums of your recent playlist you would like to mention? A rediscovery, an overlooked gem or an unsigned demo band that deserves attention? Any other bands of your region of The Netherlands that are worth mentioning and to check out for our readers?
There aren’t much bands in our region, but you should check out Incinerator and Tarre! We guess we all listen to all kinds of death metal, old and new. One band we all like a lot lately is Chapel Of Disease. They really push the limits of death metal, but are still brutal enough. An awesome band for sure.

Any news on your other bands…Grim Fate, Boal, Dimæon…?
Thanks for asking! With Grim Fate we are still doing studio stuff although we are almost finished. Xtreem Records will release our full length. Dimaeon will release the second full length on the 29th of November. With Boal we recently decided to put the ‘on hold’ status to a ‘dead and buried’ status. After releasing the debut in 2013, a lot has happened. We don’t feel like it’s fair to say that this is an active band.

Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts? Thanks for your time!
We like to mention that we are completely overblown by all the excited words from all over the world. You OSDM- supporters are the best! Try to catch us on a show next year!