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Watain – Promo 2002 [Demo]

watain – promo 2002 [demo]


It’s certainly not a secret that I’m tired of nowadays black metal. It looks like more and more bands want to use influences that have nothing to do with black metal. In my opinion the essence of black metal is a combination of Rawness, obscurity and Satanism. In that case Swedish’ Watain is a band that has the flame of black metal burning inside the heart. Goddamnit, this band really “knows how” to create black metal! On this promo there are five tracks; one song from “The essence of black purity” 7″ named “On horns impaled”. This song contains a good bangable riff which reminds me a little bit to “A fine day to die” from Bathory. This production differs a little bit from the same song on Watain’s full length “Rabid Deaths Curse”. With “The limb crucifix” and “Rabid Deaths Curse” the first two songs of “Rabid Deaths Curse” are featured on this promo and those riffs create a fucking obscure mood.

The production is raw and filthy but is NOT comparable with the shitty productions you hear too much nowadays in the so called “Black metal scene”. With “My fists are Him”, from “The misanthropic ceremonies” (Split with Diabolicum 7″) Watain created my personal favourite song, this song is served like I want it: Direct, in your face, brutal, violent, fast… well it’s just about perfect. The lyrics are well done, they handle about the subject all black metal should handle about and they’re certainly not done on a ‘Listener friendly way’!! One live song is featured, “Walls of life ruptured” that I know from Rabid Deaths Curse. The recordings are very raw but it sounds – yes cliché I know – BLACK METAL !! Like I said – Watain is a band that really knows how when handling about the music and the lyrics – that off course are a very important part of the music. For the maniacs who are into real sick Black Metal performed on a professional way, you should really try to lay your hands of their stuff. Drakkar Productions will soon rerelease Watain’s masterpiece “Rabid Deaths Curse” so stay awake!!

Blazing Productions

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