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Torture Killer – Phobia

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Till the release of “Phobia” I consider “Swarm!” as Torture Killer’s finest hour. Not entirely because of the fact of the addiction of Chris Barnes’ vokills, but more because of the slight doomy UK scene influences in a couple of songs. The leads in songs like “Multiple Counts of Murder” and “Forever Dead” are giving that album an extra edge. After “Swarm!” this mid-tempo Death Metal combo released “Sewers” and the EP “I Chose Death”, but didn’t match “Swarm!”. Another attempt with “Phobia”…One thing is certain; Torture Killer remains Torture Killer. The typical Six Feet Under and Obituary groove (especially the Allen West riffs) are flying all over the place (“March of Death”) and will please the fans they already have. Unfortunately the leads of “Swarm!” aren’t present on “Phobia”. Torture Killer is all about Groovy Death Metal in the Six Feet Under / Obituary way and probably wouldn’t gain new fans who already know the band. If it is their strength or weakness, that’s up to you. (Ricardo)