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Thy Light – No Morrow Shall Dawn [Re-Release]

thy light – no morrow shall dawn  [re-release]


The final moments of one’s life, the very thought of self deletion, where one takes control of faith, and in doing so, cauterizes the silver threads that anchors a soul to this mortal coil, in those very moments, I believe that betwixt the decision and the act , there exists a moment of serenity…

Serenity in knowing that despite the storm that ravaged the soul, the very storm that could not be quelled, for the first time in existence, you can bring an end to this cacophony that renders the mind decadent, yearning for repose.

The very peace that a wandering soul seeks in this life, where solitude is bestowed to us from the embrace of the rope that hangs off the ceiling or even the razor that releases the crimson ichor, if this moment can be transmuted into art, the most virulent strain of sorrow, it would be Thy Light’s “No Morrow Shall Dawn ”. An album that pulsates the sounds from the stigmata that weeps the melody of a body that craves to be delivered from the anguish that plagues the mind.

“No Morrow Shall Dawn ” , even though it’s construct is that if a Black Metal offering, from its dissonance evoked through its strings and percussion to the voice that is transmitted, I believe first and foremost…it transcends the genre and even art, for it is pure, unhindered catharsis. The architecture that is employed, it’s arrangement, in my opinion, it isn’t done with the aim to be a Black Metal album, instead , it is but a by product of its organic essence, for what it truly is the soul’s release from the bondage of mental suffering, the escape from this flesh bound prison, this journey of ascendance is what is chronicled into sound. 

The album as a whole, should be ingested as it is, for even though one may take apart the tracks to listen to them separately, I say onto you, do pluck the limbs apart from a body where beauty is present, to desecrate such delicacy, or do you gaze upon the structure wherein the eyes become drunk from the perfection that is one, even if the porcelain from which it is created is cracked. All components present here stich together cohesively as the narrative bleeds into each track, from the keys which paint the ink of the sky to the acoustic portions which magnifies the atmosphere. However, the vocals is represents the soul of “No Morrow Shall Dawn ”, for in its tone, it never sounds like a facade, or manufactured, this voice gives forth the ambience of a soul that pens the final words that shall become the epitaph, the final moments where all that can be recalled is the laceration from despair’s whip. In my opinion, this is what ignites the soul of the album, that makes it feel…well…human.

Just like the loft tree that spreads its branches upon the graveyard, giving forth the gift of shade to an aura that is dense with sorrow, offering solitude for the living to mourn…so to does “No Morrow Shall Dawn ” dispel in its candor, for at heart of this masterpiece, it is but a cocoon for the soul to take solace, for if one should bleed to the hymn of melancholy , then the lachrymatory that houses each tear becomes the very album forged by Thy Light.

Thy Light

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