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Svartalvheim [MEX] – The Eighth World [Demo]

svartalvheim [mex] – the eighth world [demo]

Mexican Pagan Black Metal outfit Svartalvheim is quite unknown and there isn’t a lot of info available to be honest. Actually, and I’m not lying to you, the first sentence of this review contains all the available info…When you noticed the band moniker, it is quite easy to think of a connection with early Ancient, but I’m assuring you that this 1-track demo doesn’t have a link with an Ancient track like “The Call of the Absu Deep”, “Det Glemte Riket” or “Eerily Howling Winds”. Svartalvheim does play early Nordic influenced (Pagan) Black Metal, along with the use of keyboards to enhance an atmosphere, only with a more clear sound and not for example, a Grieghallen production. During the keyboard parts, the accompanied guitar riff has an early Dimmu Borgir vibe (“For All Tid” / “Stormblåst”-era) going on. I have to hear more about Svartalvheim to give a final verdict, but I’m at least curious to hear more about them. (Ricardo)