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Spectral Whisper – Enchantress of Black Curses

spectral whisper – enchantress of black curses


Spectral Whisper was a band from Germany that was formed in 2017 and featured at least one member in the shape of Frater Noxathra. In 2020 the band name was changed to Mysteria Mystica Aeterna, and they are currently signed to Iron Bonehead Productions. During the active years of Spectral Whisper none of their recordings were released, but in 2022 the band’s posthumous debut ‘Witchcraft – Compendium of Black Arts, Necromancy and the Sinister Path’ saw the light nonetheless. This debut turned out to feature recordings that dated back to 2018. These didn’t turn out to be the last release under the old banner either. In early 2023 yet another album was released, this time containing even older recordings from 2017 that bear the title of ‘Enchantress of Black Curses’.

It doesn’t only make sense in terms of recording date to distinguish between Spectral Whisper and Mysteria Mystica Aeterna, but also very much in terms of style. On the most recent Mysteria Mystica Aeterna album we found the band playing a style that harkens back to the old times of Greek and Italian Black Metal, featuring raw Black Metal adorned with heavy synthesizers. This was a direction that was already apparent on the band’s first release as well, although there the foundation was more on Norwegian Black Metal infused with a heavy synthesizer sound. And these synthesizers make the biggest difference with between Mysteria Mystica Aeterna and Spectral Whisper, as in the latter band these elements were barely present. Instead, Spectral Whisper takes a rather straightforward and lethal approach to raw Norwegian Black Metal in the style of old Darkthrone and Mayhem.

Considering that the recordings on ‘Enchantress of Black Curses’ are the oldest Spectral Whisper material released to date, it makes sense that it also displays the band at their most bareboned. Well, bareboned is rather relative, as the band tends to write songs that are somewhat lengthy at 5 minutes and over, with ‘…These Ruins’ even reaching above 8 minutes. That is far from problematic however, since the basic and repetitive riffs that are stretched out over the songs are simply excellent. The monotonous hypnotizing raw Black Metal approach that often features rattling drums and marginal melodic undertone is complemented by superb vocals that remind me of a slightly less hoarse version of Antaeus and Aosoth frontman MkM.

Whether it’s the relentless title track, the commanding vocal lines of ‘Embrace the Serpent’ or the more melancholic ‘…These Ruins’, there are plenty of highlights on ‘Enchantress of Black Curses’ making it a great homage to the oldest albums of especially Darkthrone and Mayhem. Not very original, but very well done authentic and raw Black Metal worth checking out!

Spectral Whisper

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