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Sepulchral Curse – A Birth in Death [EP]

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Quite a nice surprise, the Old School Death Metal played by Sepulchral Curse from Finland. Just formed in 2013 but all done with a clear vision; to create death metal in the vein of elder statesmen of the genre while pushing and exploring the boundaries of a backbone line-up of drums, vocals, a guitar and a bass. I did say Old School Death Metal in the first sentence, but they also have some hints of the other extreme scenes. First things first, it all sounds like Old School Death Metal of the early 1990s, but they also have some nice melodies in the riffs without sounding like Melodic Death Metal. Something Gorefest did as well, without saying “A Birth in Death” sounds like “False” or “Rise to Ruin”. It’s more a thrashy kind of melodies in the riffs. They also have some faster parts which leans more towards fast early 1990s Black Metal. But also the occasional background screams in the tracks, alongside the guttural growl, strengthen the Black Metal part. Still, it is without doubt 100% Old School Death Metal. Comparing “A Birth in Death” with all the other releases lately; I dare to say this is a very catchy and original kind of Death Metal release. And of high quality I may add. (Ricardo)