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Sanitys Dawn – The EP Years + Live Audio Terror [Compilation]

sanitys dawn – the ep years + live audio terror [compilation]


Sanitys Dawn is one of Germany’s leading grind/death metal acts since their foundation somewhere at the early nineties. They have been spawning the scene with quite some interesting releases like their highly acclaimed 1998’s “Mangled In The Meatgrinder” on Shredded Records and reached its top with their split LP with Yacöpsae from 2003 on the underground quality Regurgitated Semen Records label. Though the band also had its down moments, you’d better leave 2001’s “Chop Chopper” (also on Shredded Records) for what it is. With a hand full of splits they decided to compile them all onto one disc and add a full live show and present it under the title “The EP Years + Live Audio Terror”, which leaves very little to the imagination…

First a complaint about the way the EP tracks are presented, all twelve tracks (a remarkably small amount for a discography CD for a grindcore band) tracks have been shuffled so the original tracklists from the EP’s are lost. That means that the coherence between the different tracks is a bit of non-existent. Luckily the band nearly always delivers great quality up-tempo grindcore so it is not much of a big drama. At the EP’s side of the CD there are the tracks from the split EP’s with Fuck… I’m Dead, Exhumed, Margrudergrind and Mechanical Seperation – too bad that the Fuck… I’m Dead tracks aren’t included too, as I am searching for that 7” for quite some time now. Topsy’s sick burping vocals are still the trademark for the band’s typical sound, and that is what is emphasized most of the times – let’s say you have to like it. Besides these eleven EP tracks there is also one ‘previously unreleased’ track to be found under the name of “Sewing Lampshades”, which has got more of a goregrind attitude and even has got some full-on pitch shifter vocals to feast upon, easily one of the best tracks of the CD. The sound of the live set is remarkably good, maybe a bit hollow in sound, but it has got a clear recording and the band is audibly in a good mood. Topsy’s is being on his sickest, on one occasion he is even burping that much that he had to throw up. A pretty nice set of songs recorded at the first edition of Giants Of Grind in 2004 in Germany. But keeping in mind that the band also has got a back catalogue of three demo-tapes with a total amount of fifteen tracks, I would’ve rather seen them featured on this disc than the live set. And, I am wondering why the splits with Yacöpsa, Fetuseaters and KSK are being left out as well.

Sanitys Dawn

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