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Red Razor – The Revolution Continues

red razor – the revolution continues


I’ve been away for a bit of R n R but what a fantastic way to get back into reviewing with some impressive Brazilian thrash by Red Razor and their new album “The Revolution Continues”.

The album contains mixes of themes from humorous to serious, right through to social engagement, all brilliantly brought together with punk elements, cracking Thrash riffs and lead work, frenetic drumming combined with catchy bass lines  and multi-talented vocals that are, at times, just plain nasty with tinges of Death Metal growling. Fans of Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste will really love this album but so will all you thrash heads out in the big bad world because its basic and pure with no histrionics or bullshit.

“The Revolution Continues” and “Brewtal Mosh” are cleverly written and with lyrics like “brew your own beer, start your own revolution” you just can’t help but singalong and, at some time after that, a  bloody earworm will get in your head and you’ll find yourself just singing the line out of the blue.

For those thrash heads crying out for a new anthem then you need look no further than “For those about to Thrash” because the lighting guitar leads combined with driving drum work is just the thing.

It’s not all fun and games though, “Born in South America” which is the single off the album, goes in to detail about their Indian heritage being repressed by conquerors, “RIP Democracy” details the corruption and oppression in Brazil and “The Sadist” tells the story of a serial killer with the moniker Vampire of Düsseldorf.

So, there you have it “The Revolution Continues” is a definite party album full of energy, vitality and colour expressly made for crowd singalongs, air guitar games and slamming. 4 out of the 8 tracks are less than 3 minutes but they will still kick you to the kerb. I caught my foot tapping like it had a mind of its own and had a very satisfied smile on my face through the full 30 minutes. Hopefully this revolution continues for a long time cause I’m hooked.

“Brew your own beer, start your own revolution” arrrggh there it is again. (Longstretch)

Red Razor

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