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Profanity – Hatred Hell Within [EP]

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Profanity is a German band which started with technical death metal back in 1993. They published their first official release Shadows to fall in 1997, and then a second album “Slaughtering Thoughts” in 2000. Since that; nothing. Except a split 7″ with Lividity (2000) and a homemade 7″ in 2002 (Humade me flesh) which include two covers from Terrorizer and Death. So this new EP looks like a rebirth for Profanity, and we like it! So what about the music? Profanity plays brutal and technical Death metal, in the way of Deicide, Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh and so on. Well, as this album is produced by Iguana Studio, you can also find a connection with German bands such as Necrophagist. But it’s not clean high-tech level. There is still enough of rawness to make it sound more brutal than technical, even though the playing is highly technical. “Grindcore” and “Beatdown” are tagged on their bandcamp page, and that’s not irrelevant. This rawness in their music creates a link with early British Grindcore bands such as Bolt Thrower, Benediction and Carcass, while songs structures relates to modern grindcore and hardcore music. So if you take some modern brutal technical death metal and mix it with the oldschool grindcore sound and feeling, I think you can have a good description of Profanity’s music! If you add a well done production with a kick ass artwork (which reminds of Pär Olofsson), there’s no reason for not giving this record a chance! And I personally hope they will produce a full length release to hear more of this kicking crusty death metal! (RMM)