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Podridão – Cadaveric Impregnation

podridão – cadaveric impregnation


Rejoice, for we are currently living in a whole new “Golden Age” of Death Metal, as if the early 1990’s are repeating themselves for us but now there are a whole fresh crop of extremely good bands to add in to the mix with all those legendary acts. Seeing as most of the acts that we all love and care for, large or small, are still active in some form or another. And now we have this continuing new generation of Old School heads adding even more goodness to the already deep Death pool, creating for us this new “Golden Age”.

Just one of those newer acts that are adding their outstanding DNA to the pool happens to be Brazil’s Podridão here. Hailing from Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo, Brazil, Podridão started out life in the year 2016 and got right to work in quick order, putting out a demo, two singles and their first full-length, self-titled, album in about a years time. Since then they have been equally as busy, with three more singles, a split, a live album and one more full-length album. Well, two now with ‘Cadaveric Impregnation’ here, making this their third full-length album in seven years.

Yeah. Sure, they are busy gentlemen (I think, it’s hard to tell with names like Repugnant Fat, Rotten Flesh and Putrid Dick) but what does this “fresh” blood sound like? Well, on their own Bandcamp page they claim to be Primitive Brazilian Death Metal and I honestly have to say that there is not a more accurate self-description that I have ever heard from a band. Podridão excel at a style of Death Metal that is very much Old School or Primitive, where they harken back to the old days and the formation of Death Metal as a genre to begin with. Employing elements of Thrash and Punk as their foundational building blocks to their Deathly goodness.

Before going into this review I went out onto the interwebs and checked out some of Podridão’s older stuff, to be honest not all of it, but some and have to say that I find ‘Cadaveric Impregnation’ to be their best, most realized release to date. Their natural progression from album one, ‘Podridão’, to now is very noticable and otherworldly. They have been able to maintain the Primitive roots while learning how to craft songs that are equally aggressive, dynamic and catchy. A quality overlooked to much these days of hyper focused sub-genres, where it’s all one or nothing.

Yet Podridão can pull it all off with, it seems, ease. They just ooze the qualities that make Death Metal everything that makes it what we all love and the reasons why we even listen. On ‘Cadaveric Impregnation’ here Podridão have added yet another stellar to damn near classic level album to this new “Golden Age” of Death Metal.


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