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Nocturnal Blood – Abnormalities Prevail

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US blackened death one man band Nocturnal Blood returns after a silence of 5 years…now they come back from that slumber with a compilation named “Abnormalities Prevail” which was released by Shaman of Horrors Offerings in Pro Tape and showing some of their best repertoire so far. Owners of a very raw and crude sound, Nocturnal Blood is recognized for delivering uncompromised productions with emphasis more in the whole atmosphere than song structure or sound quality and this is not the exception with this compilation featuring material from a couple of 7”, the debut demo and the 12” split “Imperial Impurity”…so…if you’re fan of this band, this compilation will be of your complete delight. Abysmal vocals, dirty guitars, deep cavernous bass lines and completely acoustic drum sound, this is more like hearing an old recording from early 90s…maybe a bit close even to those very common rehearsals we used to hear back then…any way…first references for the ones who don’t know what I’m talking about would be Blasphemy (Fallen Angel of Doom) with Beherit (The Oath of Black Blood) somehow more interesting because Nocturnal Blood uses some slow passages that help making the whole thing more interesting and also…even when the production is poor in terms of quality, you can manage to understand everything, something I really appreciate because many retro black Blasphemy/Beherit clones…tend to bring shitty productions where nothing can be deciphered aiming to pursue a feeble argument of “extreme violent sound”…we’re too old for such cheap tales. Bottom line, interesting release, pretty diabolic and fueled with this satanic aura, if you’re into this kind of stuff, certainly you’ll need to get your hands on this…and if you’re still into tapes…even more. (Master Butcher)