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Nihility – Beyond Human Concepts

nihility – beyond human concepts


Whenever I talk about Death Metal, be it a generic old school one or something in the line of a Blackened Death, Portugal might not be the first name that will pop into my head. However, that was before I heard Nihility and their second full length “Beyond Human Concepts”.

This album is a good mix of Old School and a very particular haunting ambient sound. There is a hollow and haunting sound throughout the album which constitutes the different layers of the ambient sound.. The tracks are a bit on the lengthier side, making it really detailed and full of variations which help in captivating the overall mood. The gnarly low vocals, the soothing and very impactful guitar solos and our beloved brutal breakdowns; this album has it all. Some influences of the early works of Belphegor, Goatwhore, and Sacramentum can be found scattered throughout the album. And as I always say, if you have satanic chants in a Death/Black Metal album it can never go wrong! And this one is no exception. The Satanic Ambience is the core that holds the album together and it keeps coming back in various appropriate moments.

A really solid album throughout and a really great entry for my “Unholy” playlist. If you love the Old school Death/Black metal albums with some Melodic Death and Ambient sounds then this is surely something I would recommend. Huge thumbs up to Nihility and Vicious Instinct Records for creating this Greatness. (Besserwisser)

Nihility [POR]

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