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Negură Bunget – Inarborat Kosmos [EP]

negură bunget – inarborat kosmos [ep]


One of the better things that has happend over the last few years when it comes to black metal will definitely be the signing of Negura Bunget to Code666. This made a larger distribution for one of the best and most underrated black metal bands ever possible. Not only the release of 2003’s “`N Crugu Bradului” but also the re-release of their “Zirnindu-sa”-demo on vinyl was a great effort. I don’t say that Bestial Records wasn’t a proper label but their releases are very hard to get, and if it isn’t that simple to get your hands on either one of the earlier Negura Bunget releases here in Europe it must be even worse outside of Europe. The band’s last real release date back from 2003 and that means it is about time for something new, which is in shape of this very limited mini CD that has the function of an appetiser for the upcoming album, this time simply called “OM”?

So, while keeping in mind that this isn’t a real new album but four previously unreleased tracks gathered on a twenty-minute clocking EP this is pretty much worth the few bucks. The music presented on these four tracks are basically in the same vein of the “`N Crugu Bradului”-album, and thus in the very unique and recognizable Negura Bunget tradition. Seldomly you’ll hear a band with such a distinctive sound that sounds so original and has got their own style perfected the way Negura Bunget does. The band has got a real special place in my collection, though I admit that I don’t play it that often, they are certainly one-of-a-kind and just utterly brilliant to me, and therefore so very precious. Their outstanding way of playing black metal drenched in a very great atmosphere always makes me pressing the ‘play’-button every time an album of them is fading, and every time I wonder why I hardly play this. Still, “`N Crugu Bradului” is one of my top-favourite black metal albums of all times. So, if there is anyone sharing my opinion about the band and gets only half as lyrical I always get, than this is also a mini CD you should try to get as soon as you can. This mini CD was released in a limited quatity of 734 great looking digipacks only, so quick action is demanded indeed. And if the upcoming album really sounds like this then I’m the first one in the line to get it right away. Negura Bunget proves again to be a far, far, far beyond underrated black metal band and that they play their black metal more intelligent than most other bands could only dream of. Being atmospheric and rather melodic, but fierce and cold at the same time. Lots of keyboards (without sounding too overdone at all) and soundscape-like samples make this the best avant-garde black metal band of today. I’m happy to see that the band finally hits the European stages soon after some failed attempts some years ago. Keep your eyes open, there is more out there that you could imagine!