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Mørknatt – Icarus [EP]

mørknatt – icarus [ep]

“Icarus” is the third release of this Spanish Black Metal horde, an EP containing 4 songs that will lead us to dark and malevolent atmospheres, starting with the artwork, revealing cold and dark mountains that tell us how this band sounds.

The fist track is titled “Heir of Pests” with an interesting intro that has a voice muttering at the back inspiring mysticism, that is continued by a discharge of fast melodies with really fast blast beat drumming and cold riffs full of power, and a voice full of hate and despair. It is a fast track that has very good riffs in my opinion, which are fast, melodic and skilled, and a great composition work altogether. It is a very dynamic song, that mixes melody and speed in perfect measures.

The second track “Hymn for the Goat” has interesting elements to take into account: It has back vocals, and a great cymbal and  double bass work in the drums, incorporating different bass drum techniques. The guitar work is a very fast riffing and impeccable execution, and the riffs are killer and are supported by a great bass composition, it is a total madness from the beginning till the end and perfect to headbang on.

I’m at the middle the album, and I can only think of the brutal discharge of impious and devastating Black Metal I am witnessing and it goes on with the third track “ Mouth of Wrath”. Once again, it starts with an hyper fast drumming, and this shrieking and desperate cries in the voices. I can say that is another bestial execution of Black Metal…without mercy, but with a lot of melody. The riffs of this song are really catchy, and very well grouped, the composition is perfect in my opinion. The sound of the guitars is quite cold, and fits exactly to the cover art essence.

Now at the end of the EP, we have “The Will of Rats”. This last song is my favourite of the release, and it has a more technical approach regarding the riffs, but keeping its essence. As with the other songs we can hear fast paced guitars with melodic and more complex parts, that are supported by a fast bass work and pounding drums.

I want to highlight the drumming work on this release, it is so fast and well executed…a total machine on the drums! The vocals are one of the best things of this band as well, it is a unique and powerful voice and has its own style. The composition concerning the guitars and the bass work is majestic.

For fans of Dark Funeral, Tsjuder, Carpathian Forest and Horna, I totally recommend this release, it’s a blast! (Manuel Sanchez)