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Majesty of Silence – Zu dunkel für das Licht

majesty of silence – zu dunkel für das licht


It took me a bit to get into “Zu Dunkel Fur Das Licht” by Majesty Of Silence. I was expecting a standard Black metal album so when it turned out to be something quite different I was a bit disappointed. However, I’ve had this sort of reaction before to music I was uncertain about so I made myself listen to the entire album anyway.

I thought “Der Untergang” and “Der Zahn der Zeit” were good selections. Even though they were closer to being experimental Black Metal in nature both tracks featured enough standard Black elements to make them enjoyable. My main point of contention was the heavy use of “spoken word” within most of the band’s songs. A little bit of spoken word goes a long way. If it is used too much you find yourself thinking you’re listening to a theatrical production rather than a metal album. It’s distracting to say the least. Fortunately there were songs on the album that don’t lean on the technique quite as much. “Endstille” was excellent since it was closer to being a straightforward Black Metal song. It featured plenty of dark music along with vocals that express a great deal of bitterness and rage. “Klanfeind -Neuzeithasser” was even better with some beautiful guitar riffs combined with one of the best vocal performances on the album. It was a dark and sinister track that made me wish the band would focus more on creating other tracks of that nature instead of experimenting as much as they did. “Sonne” was yet another audio gem. It did feature some spoken word, but not to the point of being distracting.

There are enough good songs on the album to justify getting a copy for yourself. If by any chance you are a fan of experimental metal then you’ll get even more enjoyment out of “Zu Dunkel Fur Dar Licht.”  (LouiseB)

Majesty of Silence

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