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Lustre – They Awoke the Scent of Winter

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Although I have heard some Lustre compositions in the past, the band never gave me the kick in the ass to listen attentively. Maybe this new full length will do the trick. As most bands in the Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal scene, the use of repetitive riffs of melodies are frequently present, along with melancholic ambiance provided by a keyboard. Because of the mellowness of the ambiance and guitar rhythms, along with the “slither like a snake…whispering on the background”-vocals it almost has a relaxing vibe. Something like those Forest tunes with chirping birds and rippling brooks for mainstream people, this could be something for stressed out Black Metal adepts. A “Dunkelheit-restful style” if you will. With 4 tracks of approx. 10 minutes (of which the last two are instrumentals) you get a lot of relaxation. Although this could be read as a negative review, strangely enough this isn’t that bad as it seems. This is the opposite of lo-fi Depressive Black Metal. Only you have to be really in the mood for this. (Ricardo)