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Lectern – Fratricidal Concelebration

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Lectern is a death metal band from Rome, Italy formed back in 1999. From the original line-up, only the vocalist (and also bass player) remains – Fabio Bava. Two extra members were added in 2013: Marco Valentine (drums) and Pietro Sabato (guitars). Before releasing their debut album “Fractricidal Concelebration” in 2015, the band had only three EPs on its curriculum: “Bisbetical” (1999), “Salvific of Perhaps Lambent” (2010) and “Lectern” (2014) that could makes us doubt about the music matureness of their debut. Well, all doubts are vanished when one starts listening to the album. It’s very clear we’re in the presence of extremely talented musicians that work very well together. The musicianship is very good and tight and the result is a death metal album with a high quality level. Don’t think, however, the album is somewhat easy to listen to. The songs arrangements are complex and the amount of riffs and odd time signature variations thrown at you are so many that you can easily get lost and wonder where the hell you are on the album! On the other hand, this makes it an extraordinary voyage that will never, ever bore you! Highly recommended for fans of early Deicide, Incantation and Immolation. (Antonio)