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Lamp of Murmuur – Saturnian Bloodstorm

lamp of murmuur – saturnian bloodstorm


I won’t mince my words here, I’ve never liked Lamp of Murmuur’s music. I’m not a huge fan of really lo-fi crude Black Metal at the best of times, though the odd release does make it through the cracks of my attention from time to time. So when a new Lamp of Murmuur album dropped into my inbox it was greeted with all the enthusiasm that I usually reserve for inserting my genitals into electric current. (I’m not into that, just in case you were wondering) So I figured I’d give it a quick listen, hate it after two minutes and quickly click delete. Imagine my shock then to find myself enjoying this prolific projects third album, and what do you know all of a sudden I’m sat down ready to review ‘Saturnian Bloodstorm’, which will see the light of day through Argento Records in Europe and Not Kvlt in the US.

Maybe the reason for my new found affection for Lamp of Murmuur lay in the fact that opening track ‘Conqueror Beyond the Frenzied Fog’ isn’t of a lo-fi disposition, and whilst the band has not shed the crude Black Metal ideology of previous releases, I am heartened by the relatively grander sound. That being said, there is an unmissable malicious streak that runs through the guitar leads on this album; a deep nocturnal groove that promises nothing but suffering and eternal damnation. If anything retains the lo-fi sensibilities of Lamp of Murmuur, its the vocal work and synth backdrops which retain that aloof quality whilst hiding within the recesses of the core drum and guitar sound. I’d be remiss though if I didn’t mention the bombastic drumming style that creeps out to play on occasion throughout the album.

In truth there is little that has radically altered on this album when compared to past Lamp of Murmuur offerings. The going is still fast, bleak and abrasive, whilst the guitars are both raw and energetic, whilst maintaining a subtle melodic flair. Yet with better production the true talent behind the bands songcraft and musicianship can truly be heard, and thanks to that I can no longer ignore Lamp of Murmuur. I’m late to the bandwagon but better late than never I suppose.

Lamp of Murmuur

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