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Kryptik – For Carnage We Lust

kryptik – for carnage we lust


Kryptik here are, or I should say were, a Old School Death Metal band from around the Gliwice, Silesia area in Poland. This three piece powerhouse came to be in the year 2021 and quickly put out an EP entitled ‘In Grave With Maggots’. The very next year, 2022, we were graced with their first full-length album in the one ‘For Carnage We Lust’ here. Sometimes after, within the very same same year, Kryptik as a band split-up. So what do we get from Kryptik’s swan song album? Let us find out.

What we find within ‘For Carnage We Lust’ is a very competent and complete sounding band. One that takes from many a inspiration, from all over, and blends them all into one Old School Death Metal blood smoothie. And what that smoothie tastes like is what I imagine it would be like if the members of Bolt Thrower had to write an Incantation styled album. With the small caveat that they are not as strong of songwriters as either of those legends listed above but no less fun.

The biggest gripe I have with Kryptik’s ‘For Carnage We Lust’ would have to be the overall production sound of it. There is just an unevenness to the levels that could have been adjusted to get more of that grimy atmosphere that an album such as this just screams for. It is close but still seems, to me, to be just a little to sterile for the music held within.

I mean it is a rather good and overall fun album within the Old School Death Metal spectrum but it could always be better. There are certain aspects to songs and production tweaks, really just fine tuning, that could have been made to make this album a star. Sadly, we won’t get to hear how or if they would have progressed in the future but what they have left as their final curtain call is still a rather solid, fun and well made album. It may be nothing that blows you away but it is also not something you would turn off.


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