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HellLight – As we Slowly Fade

helllight – as we slowly fade

Ah, would you care for a dance? Let me lead swiftly on the tunes of HellLight, the Atmospheric Doom / Death veterans from Brazil. “As we Slowly Fade” is their 6th full-length and it is clear they still have grief and sorrow to take care of.

Although some not familiar with the concept think you can’t have variation within this particular style (if you are one of them, try My Dying Bride’s “The Cry of Mankind for an example), HellLight has variation in vocals in a range of a grunt, clean vocals and even female vocals as second layer. Piano, guitarleads, double bass parts, pure melancholy, a sinister organ…these guys throw everything they have to create the dark and ominous atmosphere to please pain and sadness of the listener. A job well done! (Ricardo)