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Hell Konfessor – Hell Konfessor

hell konfessor – hell konfessor

Although Hell Konfessor is a new horde within the Brazilian Black Metal scene, the three members Polisvadurc Isvaricog, Perverse Lord and Males do gained their experience in acts like Ocultan, Triumph and Profanation, which started back 20 years and more, their experience that is.

With Hell Konfessor they went to the Swedish Black Metal scene; up-tempo with lots of aggressiveness in the riffs. Imagine a mix of Dark Funeral, Setherial’s “Hell Eternal”, Zyklon-B and Triumphator and with a fuzzy and muffled production on the instruments, like on the Zyklon-B “Blood must be Shed” EP. There are some occasional keyboard interludes on this debut full-length, but I can’t say they are an asset.

Quite a surprising and intriguing release, as the Black Metal presented by Hell Konfessor sounds promising yet the sound could lose one’s interest, yet it does fit in. I enjoyed it, maybe you as well. (Ricardo)