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Gravesite – Obsessed by the Macabre

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In the second issue of VM-Underground, I had an interview with Samantha of Undead Creep and before publishing they disbanded. In the same interview I already mentioned Gravesite as one of the bands as a kind of continuation of Undead Creep. David (drummer), Gabri (vocals) and Claudio (bass) decided to leave the path of Swedish Death Metal, for most of it, and agreed with each other to try a more European (especially the UK-scene) and American approach. Let’s say a nice blend of Carcass, Autopsy, first two albums of Death and Pungent Stench. Alright, there are still some D-beat Swedish influences. But hell, who is complaining? Old School Death Metal with some crusty/punkish ideas and approaches. When you listen to a track like “Ectoplasm Infestation”, it all starts like doom/death, but after 2:48 you will definitely hear the Carcass influence. So you will hear the different influences within one song without the fact that the song is rambling on. This is a demo worth listening for sure. Xtreem Music seems to agree with me, as they have signed the band just recently. (Ricardo)