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Fungus – Predatory Harvest

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Given the fact that this band has been around since the year 2000, it’s rather surprising that this is their debut full length. After releasing two demos in the early stages of the band and the ‘Extermination Dantesque’ EP in 2009, these boys have worked steadily towards finally excreting this slab of technical death metal. I guess when the singer lives in Switzerland, one guitarist in the Netherlands and the rest of the band in Portugal, it sorta complicates things in a band. For one thing, regular rehearsals are out of the question. It’s actually quite an achievement that Fungus has managed to record a tech death riffmonster like this. But then again, knowing them, they’re not really the type of band that leaves anything to coincidence. They finally added a bass player to the line up, in the person of Alex (of fellow Portuguese grinders Grog) and he immediately leaves his mark with his fretless bass work. Just listen to him ripping it up on tracks like ‘Tumorous Narcosis’ and ‘Nuclear Induction Of Cannibalism’. Fortunately, the rest of the band is right up there with him. The drums are executed with Uzi-like precision, furious blastbeats and raging double bass rhythms. Add the total riff fest from the guitars and the modern, intelligible vocals and you have pretty much what any techdeath fan can wish for. Not to mention the lead guitarwork, with for example some amazing leads in ‘Nihilarian’ (excellent song) and ‘Dead Soul Creation’, but my favorite is the tearing solo on ‘Magnetic Compliance’. They sure as hell have me screaming along with the ‘Insanity!!!’ parts on ‘Trapped in Delusional Psychosis’. Samuel Trindade (ex-Disassembled) did a tour de force on getting the mix balanced like this. The guitars have a lot of definition without losing anything of their brutality. Fungus can be proud of their debut. In all honesty, not all songs are of equal quality, but this album will suffice to make a stormy entrance. Food for those who love stuff like Spawn of Possession or Psycroptic. (Stijn)


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