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Eteritus – Tales of Death [EP]

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Ladies and gentlemen, Poland is has added a new band to their long list of Death Metal acts. Eteritus just started in the beginning of 2013 and thought they have rehearsed enough to record an EP in that same year. The result is the “Tales of Death” EP, which is a mix of the Swedish scene and bands like Bolt Thrower, Gorefest and Asphyx. The thing which make it “different” are the vocals. Imagine Jan-Chris de Koeijer (during “Soul Surviour”), L.G. Petrov and Dave Ingram try to create a Frankenstein of their own and learn it the ropes of guttural communication. When talkin’ about the music, I can only say it’s not that special. Sure, it has all the pace-changes, groovy riffs, pounding drums…let’s say they did everything by the book. And there is nothing wrong with that, only “Tales of Death” sounds too exchangeable at the moment. I truly hope they will return with full-length that will proof me wrong. (Ricardo)