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Cosmovore – Into the Necrosphere [EP]

cosmovore – into the necrosphere [ep]

How do you think does a necrosphere sound? Grab the EP from Cosmovore and you will know. When you turn up the volume of your headphones and lie down on your bed in your dark bedroom, you will also feel the necrosphere slowly crawling into your mind.

Cosmovore is a Death metal band based in Germany and “Into the Necrosphere” is their first release which has 4 tracks have a duration of 26 minutes. They contain pure devastating, evil and furious Death Metal which results in an EP which is pure venom and absolutely awesome. From the start Cosmovore stays true to their thunderous style of Death Metal. Blasting riffs, raging drums and a balanced mix of growls and screams create a deadly scene filled with a necrotic stench.

This is an absolutely fresh wind in the Death Metal genre and I hope to hear more from Cosmovore in the future. (HaCeBo)