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Chamber of Bones – Warmth of Life [EP]

chamber of bones – warmth of life [ep]

Uncomfortable Black/Death, which suits the moniker Chamber of Bones well unless you are lost in a sparerib joint. Then a Chamber of Bones would make sense…

It seems the band beholds members of Cthonica and Lunar Mantra, but within Chamber of Bones they use different aliases although you don’t have to be fuckin’ Scooby Doo to notice the difference between H.K. or H/K when you see both line-ups…And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

Combining the unsettling use of ambience, noise, distorted vocals as well as raw and chaotic Black/Death riffs it is clear to say this is not for everyone’s pleasure. When you enjoy the torture of agonizing music to feed the illness within, Chamber of Bones will be good company for you. (Ricardo)