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Blast Off – World of Lies [EP]

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This second EP from Spanish thrash band Blast Off already has been released in the end of 2014, but no problem, I’m the man who can turn back time…however, I’m not the only one, because these guys also have the charm to create things from the past, like for example this EP. Four tracks are on this EP and the style of songwriting can be ripped from the beginning of thrash bands, but also is suitable for these modern times. Meaning, the lyrics and aggression is there, but the production is too clear to be called old school. Some samples are used like in track ‘Blackout’, but the main vocals from the frontman (no name is mentioned)…well…let just say that he can’t hide his Spanish roots on this EP. Melodic aspects are also added like for example the riff in track ‘Government of Money’ with the more mid paced vocals, but with thrashy drums to finish off this song. Final track ‘Hunter of Evil’ is more faster in the beginning, but sounds a bit more furious then the other ones on this EP. Unfortunately I still miss some kind of strong song, or luminary as you can call it, on this EP, but not a bad start to get in the picture. (Fredde)

Blast Off

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